[#NEWS] 190614 Kim Jaejoong Talks About His Ideal Type During 1st Korean Variety Show Appearance In 10 Years



Kim Jaejoong shared stories about his love life and described his ideal type on TV Chosun’s “Taste of Dating.”
On the June 13 episode, the singer appeared as a special guest and marked his first appearance on a Korean variety show in 10 years.
The MCs welcomed Kim Jaejoong to the show and asked him if he was currently dating. “I’m currently not able to date,” answered Kim Jaejoong. When asked about the last time he dated, he coyly pretended not to remember.
As for his ideal type, he replied, “I honestly don’t really look at appearances. You know how Park Na Rae appears a lot on TV these days? I asked [comedian] Lee Jin Ho if I could meet her personally and Lee Jin Ho said, ‘You may be disappointed if you meet her in person.’” When MC Choi Hwa Jung asked why he wanted to meet the comedienne, Kim Jaejoong answered, “I like charming people.”

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El Tatuador 15a/15


Título: The Tattooist
Autor: beeswaxing
Extensión: 15 capítulos
Género: AU, Fluff
Resumen: Nada lo había confundido en su vida. A los 29 años, él era un trabajador independiente con éxito, y hacía algo que amaba, lo que significaba que ir a trabajar debería ser realmente agradable. ¿Como era el dicho? Si trabajas en lo que amas, ¿nunca trabajarás un día en tu vida? Esto sería cierto si no fuera por un solo problema de ojos muy grandes…


Hoy había sido un día realmente agotador.

Primero, Yunho había decidido que el sexo matutino antes de la escuela era una buena idea.

No había sido una buena idea, especialmente cuando tenías dos horas de gimnasia y se esperaba que jugaras un partido completo de fútbol, ​​independientemente del hecho de que la próxima semana era de exámenes. Sí, el cerebro necesitaba estimulación… ¿pero un partido completo?

Pero eso no había sido lo peor. Jaejoong había…

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[#SNS] 190506 JAEJOONG’S IG |Twitter UPDATES


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ENG TRANSLATION: bibian 1 & 2 & 3

About brother Jaejoong A to Z

He is popular in the variety programs, talk is very funny and good at speaking Japanese, has sweet looking and great singing ability…He is a kind brother who responds to the troubles of 20’s readers in JJ. This time, we respond to the requests that the readers want to know the personality of Jaejoong. By playing with his favorite animals, we explored the true intention of Jaejoong as he is ♡

I think that when I make a song, I am an artist who often expresses things indirectly. For example, I write lyrics that you wonder “does this man love this woman?” I am ashamed of direct expression. It may be so even in real life. I can’t say “I love you” to fans as easily, so the music and personality may…

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